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Blogger TipsHappy Friday everyone! I’m back in NYC and I think it’s colder here than it was in Iceland. We’re in the middle of a snow storm, but nevertheless, it’s great to be home! I have so many photos and information I want to share with you and when I tried putting it all in one blog post, it was way too long. So today, we’re going to cover Vik.

Great article here. I’ve been running my healthcare blog for a few months and have just recently started to spend more time on it (learning wordpress, marketing strategies, etc). I’m noway near earning anything from it yet but with effort and time, hope to establish myself as a leading pharmacy blogger. A DIY queen, this blogger creates easy to follow makeup (and crafts) videos that have helped her rack up the social media following. She’s also a body positive, plus size … Read More

Beauty Vlogger Nikkie Tutorials Hilariously Reacts To Her First YouTube Video Ever As She Recreates

Blogger TipsWell, some of you may have been waiting for my second part of the WordPress vs Blogger review. But, I was sidetracked by a much more ambitious project – merging the dynamic Bootstrap web framework with Blogger. I knew initially that this would be quite a challenge to get it right – and was I correct in that assumption.

Permalink is an option that allows you to select the way your post will be linked to in the future. Usually it will maintain the title structure, but there are other link types you can choose from as well. Why? Email is a much more personal experience. It also performs better than most social media at driving quality traffic to your site. While someone might receive thousands of social media updates in their feed each day, they may see less than 50 emails a day. Anyway, thanks. I appreciate your focus … Read More

Beauty Vlogger Nikkie Tutorials Hilariously Reacts To Her First YouTube Video Ever As She Recreates

Blogger TipsIf you’re just starting a blog (or two or three), it can be overwhelming. You need to choose a blogging platform, get your blog set up, make regular posts, check for comments from readers, make sure your links are working, and attend to a hundred other details. If you don’t know what to do and what to avoid, blogging can be difficult at best and completely frustrating at worst. Follow these tips for beginners to turn your blog into something you can be proud of.

There are other important social media platforms like Pinterest , YouTube , and SnapChat However I’m still learning how to best utilize them, and don’t feel qualified to comment just yet. Which just goes to show you that becoming a professional travel blogger is a never-ending learning process. You’ll now be presented with a number of options to get your account started. I chose ‘Website’ … Read More

3 Tips To Fight Childhood Obesity

Blogger TipsIn every bloggers life comes a special day – the day they first launch a new blog.

Tia Meer, of Homegrown Delights, LLC based out of Orlando, FL, uses their 600 square foot garden to sell sprigs or perennial herbs such as rosemary, lavender and lemon grass. Tia also starts all of her vegetables from seed and then sells four inch starter plants of vegetables and herbs for one dollar through three dollars. Her final tip was to get in touch with a local co-op where Tia says she has plenty of success selling her produce through them as it eliminates the need for interaction with customers.

When searching a potential link exchange or Joint venture with the bloggers you would want to find two types of blogger. Let say your blog has about 500 hits a day, you can find a blog whose traffic is about the same as … Read More

Blog Titles

Blogger TipsFrom watching reality cooking shows to Instagramming our every meal, Australia’s obsession with food isn’t going anywhere soon.

How will the prospect readers discover your blog? Which channels should you use for the promotion of your content? Smart and consistent distribution can help you attract a wider audience. Moreover, it’s always a good idea to think outside the box and experiment with new content types, formats, or even distribution channels. I picked this up during a free Kindle promotion and, as I type this review, I see the Kindle version has reverted back to $2.99: I would save your money and look for other resources. Your blog should have a primary color, a shade of grey, and a call to action color.

I am a newbie blogger and First time i made really short blog posts. They never make good position in google and never made me any traffic. Then … Read More

How Cool Bloggers Personalize Their Blogs

Blogger TipsGet top stories and blog posts emailed to me each day. Newsletters may offer personalized content or advertisements. Learn more.

Once you have your domain name set, you’ll also need to host your domain name, which is basically like renting space on the internet ever month so you can display your blog. Bluehost has really cheap monthly hosting rates and you’ll also get your domain name registration included for free if you decide to host with them! I used them as my host for about 2 years and I was a fan. I only switched to a more specialized host when my blog traffic became too much for their shared server to handle.

This tip applies not just to ideas for posts, but the posts themselves. Even if it’s July and you have an idea for a Thanksgiving post, start a draft. I have several drafts cooking on the stove … Read More

5 Most Useful Tips For Every Blogger Webtexttool

Blogger TipsIn the high technology era today, a time where internet has become a common thing people can access easily, blogging is a simple effective way to get all our thoughts, experiences, and any other writings published and shared to the world for other people. A blog is a space in the internet we can have for many purposes, either for individual or business purposes. If you want it, you can be easily having this one anytime you want just by do a simple registration on the blog provider website. Here, I’d like to give you few tips of blogging to help those beginners to be a better blogger.

When you put most of the hashtags in the 1st comment rather than the photo description, it just keeps everything nice & neat looking. No blue links distracting people from the photo. Wow! First week down? I’m so excited for you, Beth! … Read More

Singapore Court Sends Teen Blogger Back To Jail For Criticizing Religion

Blogger TipsThe beginning of every year is a time for reflection over your life, family, friends, career, and finances. It is also the best time to evaluate the past year’s performance and create a new list of goals. As a professional blogger or general internet entrepreneur, it is critical that you identify your strengths and weaknesses so that you may patch any gaps in your blog strategy.

In the talk surrounding the rise of women of color as social media influencers and stars, we often leave our Indian sisters of color out of the conversation. These ladies of Indian heritage are slaying the social media beauty scene as well, with makeup tips and tricks that all women of color can benefit from. Make sure you add some of the gorgeous ladies to your list of gurus you follow on the ‘Gram and check out their YouTube channels for tips and inspo!… Read More

Tips From 2 Social Media Stars

Blogger TipsBefore the internet, we used to rely on tear outs from magazines and the IKEA catalogue to get inspiration for our homes.

An estate agency like no other, The Modern House sells the most incredible design-led homes in urban and rural locations in the UK. Okay, so you might not be able to afford that million-pound two bed in the Barbican Estate, but you can sigh over the interiors all the same. This is definitely one of those repeat customer lists; I’m sure I’ll come back to read it many times.

Don’t make a mistake of writing just for your own blogs. That’s a biggest blogging mistake anyone can make especially in the beginning. Cassandra Michelin, who owns the blog Live It Do It , which aims to inspire people to raise their kids in a healthy fashion, said passion is crucial to success in this cutthroat industry. Maybe a … Read More

How To Become A Successful Blogger

Blogger TipsIn fact, I wrote about letting go that seemed to hit home with lots of bloggers.

Don’t be scared of what you don’t understand. Instead, spend time learning how to master it for yourself. Or hire a professional to help out. Because like it or not, ensuring Google (and the world in general) can find your amazing content is a necessary part of building a successful website. JK: We actually just launched a brand new site that we are extremely excited about. For new readers, we always recommend starting with the Start Here” tab. It will give you an overview of how the site works, how often and when to expect posts from us, latest happenings and how to get access to our blogger resource library.

Really nice website with loads of great content! It’s all about putting the work in first yawl & then you will see good results, … Read More