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Blogger TipsTwo years ago, Lucy Edwards, the beauty vlogger behind the YouTube channel Yesterday’s Wishes , went blind.

This hosting service has been gaining in popularity in recent times. FastComet too offering cloud based SSD hosting for its customers. Basically, a cloud-based server consists of numerous servers that were designed to work as one. The main advantage of this hosting service is that improved capacity can be attained just by acquiring more individual servers.

JK: There are literally no resources out there providing real, tangible information. When you first start out, you feel kind of on this island where there’s nobody to help you with the hundreds of questions you have. Sure, you can attend a blogging conference or read helpful articles, but they’re all top-level information, and to be honest, a lot of it is really guarded by bloggers who don’t want to give away all their secrets. We know … Read More


Blogger TipsHappy Friday everyone! I’m back in NYC and I think it’s colder here than it was in Iceland. We’re in the middle of a snow storm, but nevertheless, it’s great to be home! I have so many photos and information I want to share with you and when I tried putting it all in one blog post, it was way too long. So today, we’re going to cover Vik.

Great article here. I’ve been running my healthcare blog for a few months and have just recently started to spend more time on it (learning wordpress, marketing strategies, etc). I’m noway near earning anything from it yet but with effort and time, hope to establish myself as a leading pharmacy blogger. A DIY queen, this blogger creates easy to follow makeup (and crafts) videos that have helped her rack up the social media following. She’s also a body positive, plus size … Read More


Blogger TipsWhen you browse the cosmetic, hair color, manicure and other such beauty product aisles, do you feel overwhelmed by the shelves stocked with hundreds of products? I sure do. Unless you’re a professional beautician, it’s certainly hard to figure out which products are right for your skin tone and which will do the job as promised. You don’t want to waste your money on an inferior product, or spend more than you need to. Worst of all, choosing a hair color product can turn into a nightmare – once you’ve done the deed, there’s not much to be done – except, perhaps to go to a professional salon and see if they can straighten out the mess. More money spent.

The server is cloud-based so it is not directly linked to your system. That means your website will be secure and stable. You won’t have to worry about other websites … Read More


Blogger TipsChances are you probably follow quite a few fashion and beauty bloggers on Instagram. Lately we’ve been obsessing over the way that many of them so expertly style photos of things in their every day lives. The good news here? Styling photos like your favorite bloggers is easier than you might think.

One of the most important things to think of when you’re writing your blog is: ‘how you want your target audience to connect with you?’ To support this connection it’s important that your blog is authentic and recognizable. If you’re blogging about your personal experiences, why don’t you add some pictures of yourself? Is your favourite colour orange? Make sure it comes back in every post of yours.

First, I have to call out immediately that within the last 1 to 3 years you get no advantage for SEO utilizing either tool. Google has completely changed its strategy … Read More