December 2, 2023


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10 online business ideas that you should start in 2023

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The following are 10 business ideas that still have the potential to generate income in 2023. New year, new business. Maybe that is one of your hopes or resolutions at the beginning of 2023. Take it easy, as technology develops, business is not just about opening a restaurant with hundreds of millions of capital like a conventional business. In today’s digital era, there are many business ideas that you can try with only a cell phone and an internet connection.

Business From Home has summarized the 10 most profitable business opportunities in 2023. One of them is a TikTok seller. If last year you only used TikTok for fun, it looks like you can turn that habit into a cash-generating activity. TikTok, which was originally seen as a joke application, can now actually make you a new millionaire. Armed with creativity, you can earn money just by uploading videos accompanied by an affiliate link.

The TikTok Affiliate program is a program to invite TikTok users to promote products sold by sellers in the TikTok Shop. To open a shop on TikTok, you don’t need to stock up on goods, you know. You only need to attach a link where to buy certain items, and you will get a commission if an item is sold. Apart from TikTok Affiliate, here is a list of online business ideas that still have the potential to bring in big money in 2023:

1. TikTok Affiliate

2. TikTok Content Creators 3.

Become a YouTuber

4. Dropshipper Business

5. Influencers on TikTok and Instagram

6. Thrifting Business

7. Tutoring Online

8. Starting to open an online store

9. Selling design and photography services

10. Selling web development services for online stores.

Those are 10 simple businesses that you can consider doing in 2023. Lets get started.

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