Month: January 2017

How Cool Bloggers Personalize Their Blogs

Blogger TipsPerfecting a flawless makeup application can take years of practice. Luckily, the rise of social media has allowed us unlimited access to all our favorite makeup professionals, offering an immediate look at their newest tips and tricks to make that problematic application process a tad bit easier.

Not everyone takes the relaxed approach to blogging that I do. If the goals you’ve set for your blog include a certain number of readers in a certain amount of time, it does make sense to churn out 3-4 posts per week. After all, statistically speaking, the more frequently you post, the faster your readership will grow…to a point. Just make sure your quality isn’t suffering as you crank out all that new material!

Keep a portfolio of your work. A successful blogger must prove themselves as a good writer. Keep samples of your written work. Think about originating a blog on your … Read More

3 Tips To Fight Childhood Obesity

Blogger TipsGo to and type in the post address (url) into the search box and if you can find the feed, you can copy-paste into Blogger. For full recovery, your feed should be set to full, otherwise you will just get a partial recovery.

For beginning bloggers, I recommend writing for 30 minutes per day. That’s it. Just sit down (without checking your email!), open up a new post or a saved draft, and write until 30 minutes is up. If you feel really excited about what you’re writing and want to keep going, then do! But if the inspiration just isn’t there, then go grab a snack and get on with the rest of your day. The important thing is to write as a discipline and to develop your style, while not driving relentlessly toward a certain number of posts per week. People burn out on blogging that way.

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Warm up new subscribers. You do this with an autoresponder series Build relationships and bond with your readers by emailing more frequently when they sign up. Thank you for sharing these tips. Recently I started healthy food blog and new to this blogging world. Through Google search I ended up on your website. Your tips and resource links are really helpful and inspiring. I love your website design, it is very neat and clean. I kept at it, until I am where I am today – a professional writer who can work in my underwear from the couch. If your child doesn’t agree to any of the options you’ve provided, brainstorm other possible options. Alternative keyboard shortcut to call up the browser is … Read More