Month: January 2021

Why are looks important for a Manager?

Every business has several levels of staffs that work together for the success of the organization. Even though the role of everyone is important, some are regarded as management staff. They are often senior employees who have been at the organization for a very long time and/or has the requisite qualification, and hence, are believed to have the requisite knowledge to make key decisions for the organizations.

The Manager
of an organization is often one of the most senior staffs in an organization.
They are often like a general supervisor that supervises every department in
the organization and are responsible for the day to day running of the
organizations. They are expected to strategize to make the company progress
while also reporting to senior management staffs such as the Directors,
Managing Directors, and CEO(s) about progress in the business, challenges, and
strategies amongst others. One of the many things … Read More