March 30, 2023


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25 Tips To Become An Insanely Productive Blogger

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Blogger TipsThere are plenty of tips and tricks to get your own creative blog rocking and therefore raising your profile and helping you to win more business. Here’s my top 20 tips for a successful creative blog, but if you can think of any more, please comment below and help me make this the best list on the web.

Yes, yes, I do teach an entire course on this But what a kick booty feeling it is to sit down, look at your editorial calendar, and know what to post to Instagram, tweet, or write for your next blog post. It’s the ultimate way to be productive as a blogger! You don’t have to plan out every single detail, but planning content ahead of time does indeed save time.

Jetarian then moves on to taking a much darker-toned foundation and placing a smaller, dime-sized spots into the center of each circle she’s previously made. The dots look strangely similar to spot treating tiny breakouts or a peculiar skin condition, which isn’t exactly a sight we’d like to be reminded of. However, once blended, Jetarian is surprisingly left with a flawless finish.

I just found your blog through Pinterest and what a great find! I just love it. I am knee deep in all of your posts right now, ha. This one and the follow-up to it is really helpful … I started Farm & Pretty back in December and while I have okay traffic, it’s not much (100-200 a day?). I hit that mark and then sort of plateaued, even though my social media (specifically Instagram) grow by the day! But I am working hard, trying to find my voice, and content readers want to be a part of (working full time doesn’t help ha ha).

One of the plus points of being a member of an airline loyalty club is access to its airport lounge, where (in most cases) free breakfast/lunch/dinner/booze awaits. If you’re not yet ready to become a Gold card holder, Emirates earlier this year announced it was opening its Dubai lounges to paying custimers for the first time – $100 (£82) for four hours is not cheap, but worth it if you’re knocking around the airport waiting for a transfer and in need of some R&R or sustenance.

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