September 26, 2023


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25 Tips To Become An Insanely Productive Blogger

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Blogger TipsBlogs are a good way of getting your point across to a large number of people, all at a time. A lot of people are turning into avid bloggers to beat the stress, resulting out of their usually mechanical lives. Blogs are a nice way, of giving vent to your thoughts and ideas. It is also a very good platform, for advertising your product or services.

Post more than one in more than one way – You can use your website but use your social media to help you too. Keeping them active and posting a few times a day can give you a few extra viewers. Include influencers in your posts. Ask for their opinion or permission to add their quotes. It can be a roundup post or just a quote inside your article. After publication, write them an email and thank them for their help. Some of them will share your post. Point #3 was about making sure that you have your children’s attention before you speak.

I just started my blog with about 2 weeks ago. I just now realized that it doesn’t have plugins, and other useful stuff (the technical part is soo confusing to me). I’ve read your post on how to start a blog”, and seems like I did everything wrong. So what do you think I should do now? I really appreciate your time, and hope you could help. Be generous. Give away more information, content, and ideas than you’re comfortable with. People will reward you. Link to others, but never let someone pay you to do so. Great style, ‘Morrow Opening’, epic long list, great ending. What more could you expect! This is a fine balance that parents must strike, but it’s key if you want your children to listen to you willingly. Great article, great collaboration. Really a lot of stuff to learn from these people.

Last but not least….. every day is a new day. Blogging should be fun, inspiring, challenging, but always exciting. Effective branding leads to a steady stream of readers searching for information on the topic you cover, recognition & influence, plus rewarding partnerships with companies wanting to tap into your demographic. Even if you do prefer a little background noise, soundtrack, or movie playing in the background — there are some distractions that will never be an adequate use of your time. CASE IN POINT: Mr. Cellphone. The purpose of design is to get your website to convert towards your goals. That’s it. Everything else comes secondary.

This hack will not only save some dollar but could potentially furnish you with a second holiday for the price of one. Research by Telegraph Travel last year found that travelling on indirect flights could slash as much as £1,117 off the cost of the air fare (when flying to Rio via Lisbon and Porto). My suggestions here are certainly not the only roadmap to building a successful travel blog, they just happen to work for me. I see new bloggers all the time jump in with everything they have only to exhaust themselves of ideas and energy in the first few months. It’s either that or discouragement at the time it takes to gain traction. ON PAGE SEO & OFF PAGE SEO is the main point for new bloggers. Because, normally newbies are ignoring off page part because of Google penaltys.

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