December 4, 2023


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29 Tips To Increase Your Productivity As A Blogger

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Blogger TipsWhy should you start just a blog when you can create a blog and profit from it? Simple question, isn’t it? And yet one that so many fail to answer correctly.

Everything starts with instilling credibility, so that your audience trusts the content you produce. Without this trust, it’s impossible to gain traction in a marketplace that’s controlled by social media shares and likes. One thing I like to do is re-size photos in batches. You can use the free version of Fotosizer or do this in Photoshop. I am a very new blogger (started on Apr13th)…. I am so nervous that I haven’t even shared my blog with my friends and family yet! p.s slowly working my way through all your recipes, absolutely LOVED your lemony roasted cauliflower risotto.

I came across Julie’s post on 7 ways to grow blog audience when I was doing research on this topic. I found it useful and decided to share one of her tips here. I’d like to thank him for the suggestion. Thank you bro. 🙂 Each week I’m planning to pick one reader’s request and design a widget or theme out of it. Take note that although you can add accounts for gmails in multiple tabs with only 1 browser, you will only be logged into that Blogger account which belong to the first Google/Blogger/gmail account in the first tab. We will be writing and publishing the bits and pieces of how to start a blog from scratch and make money online over the next few months as time permits. Another way to grow your blog audience us to grow your email list. Offer a free eBook or product. Don’t sell in the emails and provide some great information to your readers. Be sure to promote it on your blog and the at end of your posts.

Sure Caroline, I definitely travel differently now that my work revolves around this travel blog. Taking notes, attempting to get the perfect shot, shooting video from different angles, etc. Web design is like makeup, less is more. With your gradients, shadows, and textures, make them so subtle that you have to look closely to tell that they’re there. Awesome tips! I find that sitting down to brainstorm a bunch of post ideas at once and planning for the month really helps me stay on track. Things change and it’s always flexible, but having that plan gives me something to fall back on when inspiration is lacking. Let your personality shine through and write with passion. That’s how you woo your readers and win business.

This is awesome! I just started my blog about a week ago and this list really laid it out for me. I started my pillar articles maybe 3 hours ago and I have two nice ones done. Within an hour of completing them, I had two comments. I don’t even know how lol. Just a few months ago with the help of my husband, I completely redid my site and am working to expand my online presence with the intention of helping more people and builidng my business. It’s exciting, but overwhelming. Not essential. However you will need to make some efforts to backup and protect your blog, however there are dozens of free plugins these days.

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