December 8, 2023


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30 Best Blogging Tips Take Your Blog From Zero To Hero

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Blogger TipsI mean that. Diving in to this blogging thing is no small feat. Be proud of yourself for becoming more technologically astute. I mean, how many other people do you know in real life who are starting blogs? See? You’re ahead.

I come from a creative place where ideas get bigger, and better (or trashed), the more they’re refined. If your content doesn’t leave doors open then you’re attracting an audience type that wants to be told — sheeple” if you will. That’s fine for narcissistic sycophants that need to be right all the time, but there’s no challenge, or growth in that. Audiences want to learn AND contribute; if you’re not a student of your own game — you’re just drinking your own piss.

Sometimes being overwhelmed makes new bloggers latch onto another blogger and the way that other blogger does things. But if you’re a new blogger, embrace your newness, your fresh eyes and your don’t-quite-know-how-this-is-supposed-to-go perspective! It might just be that you’ve got an idea that nobody has thought of or tried, or were too afraid to pursue because it wasn’t the right way” to blog.

You can create a Blogger post in 2 ways. You can either write the post in HTML or you can use the word processor included here. You have a button located in the top left corner which helps you switch between any of these two writing models. The HTML editor helps you create better web content and you can also use it to insert some special web functions. On the other hand, the word processor is more than qualified to offer you all the extra help you might need here.

One of the best blogger tips is to keep some sort of editorial calendar so as to set up post dates, form routines in your posting (i.e. a round-up of some sort every Friday), and keep track of all of your projects and ideas. You can make a whiteboard calendar like the one above, use post-its in a planner, or even make a calendar out of corkboard to pin-up your post notes. Whatever method works for you, an editorial calendar will make you more organized and keep you up-to-date on your own blog.

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