September 30, 2023


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30 Best Blogging Tips Take Your Blog From Zero To Hero

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Blogger TipsWeb logs (blogs) are a rapidly growing and powerful form of communication. They seem to have captured the interest of the world, even though their content is subjective. Media agencies have realized the power of this trend by allowing their news websites to gather comments from bloggers on every topic, from current affairs to food. Any American can become a blogger quite easily – all you need are a computer and an opinion. If the thought of giving your opinion and sharing it with millions sounds appealing, then consider becoming an online blogger. These tips will show you how to start.

For those of you that do a weekly series or other regular blog post, try this too. Copy the content from an already published post and paste it into a new post, then remove all but the basic structure of the post (intro, subheadings, etc). Then take that shell, make a few new posts, and save them as drafts. Now you’ve got the posts formatted and ready for the next one.

I started my blog in 2008 and have been at it ever since. Learned a lot over the years. I write everyday, usually first thing in the morning. I didn’t always write everyday, but since I have kept journals writing long hand for over 30 years, it has now become an important and essential part of my creative process and practice as a visual artist/painter. I don’t worry about what I am going to write about now. I keep my ears, eyes open, and let my subject matter come to me. I don’t force it.

In addition to these ten proven ways to improve page rank, you should also consider the power of advertising. By creating a simple banner and advertising with it on other sites, you can generate a lot of good backlinks which in turn creates more traffic for your page. Keep in mind that you should be active daily when it comes to blogs and forums that are in your niche as well.

Another way to make a blog post stand out is to add visuals. These can be anything from the infographics mentioned above to original illustrations, graphics, or photos. It’s estimated that colorful, visual images increase a reader’s willingness to read content by 80{c81abff750b31a745e7406f92aff545fdc30f538cbd79fe2dec0c3b3fca011f6} and increase views by 94{c81abff750b31a745e7406f92aff545fdc30f538cbd79fe2dec0c3b3fca011f6}. As an added bonus, the media chosen to be displayed can say a lot about the author and thus make the reader feel like they are engaging on a more personal level with the author.

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