September 30, 2023


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35 Blogging Tips To Woo Readers And Win Business

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Blogger TipsBlogging has become one of the fastest growing phenomena on the internet today. If you are a blogger like I am, you have found blogs to be fun, exciting and very interesting. Blogging is the best way to get your thoughts out to the world, and an even better way to attract people who have similar interests as you do. I personally have become almost addicted to blogging and have discovered some pretty cool topics that people like me are talking about. However, as a fellow blogger yourself, I’m sure you have been wondering to get more hits to your blog. I have been plagued with the same problem for years until recently where I have discovered some great methods attracting new readers everyday.

Some great advice and I look forward to putting many of the ideas into practice. It seems that the best way is to follow some of the basic rules and just do it – blog again and again and again. Pozdnev shared that when there is intense competition, it’s very important to pick the right strategy for growing the number of your readers. Lose weight effortlessly, fuel right, and energize your runs with my Nutrition for Runners program! Start for free by clicking on the graphic above.

My Island Bistro Kitchen just celebrated its five-year anniversary, counting foodies from around the planet among its followers. People want to dream. They continue scrolling due to a mix of envy and curiosity, so keep this in mind when creating your food blog. My top tip here is to list out top 10 blogs in your field which are using multiple ways to make money from their traffic. Give a shot to all of them one by one to know which one works better for you to make more passive income every single month. Use high-resolution. The current trend is to use large images that stretch the width of the page and immediately engage users. The key to making this work is using high-resolution images that don’t lose their quality as they scale.

So many people use search engines like Google to find content. Undoubtedly, your ideal readers do, too. By ranking articles high in search results for keywords that have large search volumes made by your ideal prospects, you can attract consistent and sustainable levels of traffic to your content. Don’t rely on people to do the work to find your Twitter account. Don’t rely on them to do the work to find your details in a sidebar. People are blind to sidebars. Thanks banner ads! Your whole blog doesn’t have to read like Buzzfeed , but make it a point to include some truly epic, original stories from time to time. But I have one suggestion, you can pre- register the domain name before sometime ….it will increase domain age and thus Google ranking. But with these practical tips for beginning bloggers, you’ll be blogging with the best of them.

Great tips! I’ve dabbled with the idea of doing a food/travel blog- and this shared some tips into what it really takes to run a legit blog. I think being ‘you’ and having a fun way to bring people in can really make or break a blog- unless you’re doing it just to do it, in that case- good for you! You are spot on, Hugues. Building an audience, then asking them about their needs, then developing and testing – that’s the way to go. Most people do product launches first and then wonder why nobody buys. Market research is crucial. Well, if that’s your mindset, then you’re in luck. There are tricks that you can use that will make your writing better , and they only take minutes to learn. And here I’m going to teach you a couple. Are you excited yet? No? Well, you’re a hard one to please!

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