December 4, 2023


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35 Blogging Tips To Woo Readers And Win Business

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Blogger TipsAre any backlinks also good for your blog? No, as only good backlinks are useful that help your blog PR increase.

I’ve been blogging since two years & still have lots to learn. I love your ideas about emailing; connect with readers from the day 1… I plan to start incorporating these ideas soon. The problem I see with these long posts is that people’s attention span these days make it unlikely that many readers will wade through that much verbiage. That’s the reason why you should forget about SEO in the beginning and just focus on writing engaging content for your readers.

The app is where the magic happens. Here, you can link the products you’ve favorited to a specific image that will then be exported into Instagram for publication. You can now schedule these posts in the rS app and receive a notification when it’s time to post. Not a member of rewardStyle yet? Shoot me an email! I wish I had read this 6 months ago when I started my blog…you never know just how much is involved until you start! You offer such great advice throughout your blog and I appreciate it!! Connect your Facebook account. Make sure you are logged into your Facebook account, before you connect. Pressing the ‘Connect’ button will open a pop-up window to allow IFTTT post on your Facebook page, then select your Facebook page. Avoid the temptation to lower your quality standards in order to publish more and more blog posts.

You’ve got such a thoughtful, well planned site, so I appreciate you sharing your wisdom here. I am a new blogger, finding my way. SEO is a mystery to me but am working on understanding it. Your resource links for SEO optimization are very helpful! Thank you for sharing your practical advise! Can I have a blog with multiple and diverse topics? Sort of varying chapters of interest.

Love: Socially, this is an active and exciting year of celebrations, parties and travel for the Dragon zodiac. This is especially good for those who wish to make new friends. Love encounters however, can be tricky; it is best to avoid jumping into a relationship too quickly. Rather welcome, meaningful and constructive comments. This will help in build conversation and more interaction. Something, which most newbie bloggers misses out. I will surely return here to get my daily fix of useful information for the day.

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