June 8, 2023


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5 Most Useful Tips For Every Blogger Webtexttool

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Blogger TipsDo you blog on a regular or somewhat regular basis, but sometimes have trouble coming up with topics for your blog? Here’s a few helpful hints to get you going when writer’s block strikes.

In terms of organization‚Ķmy current system is this. If I link up, I try to do so within one week’s time (that keeps me from repeats), and I try to do all of the parties that I have listed for that day. Even if I don’t link up, I usually try to at least visit each party to see the features. I’ve been pleasantly surprised to sometimes find my project listed! Or if you wanted to link up older posts, you could get an excel spreadsheet going with checkmarks for each party‚Ķbut I think whatever you do, make it a simple system because linking up can end up taking a lot of time, though it’s well worth it.

Have you set realistic or unrealistic goals? This is of course different for everyone as we all have different levels of achievement and productivity, so be sure not to compare your goals to those of others around you. Throwing around numbers and dreams as if they may somehow be achievable if you say them out loud is irrational. Think to yourself, what have I achieved so far in the time that I have had? Is there a way I can be more productive with my time and achieve more in the same space of time? (i.e. hints throughout this post). And then don’t waste a minute more – set your goals & set out to achieve them.

On that first day I had more responses, arguments, and complete fun than any other blog I had ever read. I don’t really remember the numbers, but I had thousands of comments. People were flooding my in-box with messages of encouragement or threats. I was shocked at the reactions I got. On the second day I checked and I had the number one blog on MySpace, in the political section, on the previous day.

It’s a great way to get new visitors to your blog. I submit my posts to Foodgawker , Tastespotting , Tasteologie and Finding Vegan (when applicable). Keep a text file that contains the submission information so it’s easy to copy and paste it onto each site. If your photo is rejected the first time around, edit it or choose a different photo and resubmit.

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