December 4, 2023


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5 Most Useful Tips For Every Blogger Webtexttool

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Blogger TipsIn the high technology era today, a time where internet has become a common thing people can access easily, blogging is a simple effective way to get all our thoughts, experiences, and any other writings published and shared to the world for other people. A blog is a space in the internet we can have for many purposes, either for individual or business purposes. If you want it, you can be easily having this one anytime you want just by do a simple registration on the blog provider website. Here, I’d like to give you few tips of blogging to help those beginners to be a better blogger.

When you put most of the hashtags in the 1st comment rather than the photo description, it just keeps everything nice & neat looking. No blue links distracting people from the photo. Wow! First week down? I’m so excited for you, Beth! And actually, I don’t think I grasped the importance of comments for several weeks into blogging, so consider yourself in great shape! If you don’t have yourself a planner – be it digital or the old and faithful pen+paper, now is as good a time as any to get yourself one. Planning each day, week and month of your life will inevitably lead to better practices for time management as you set yourself expectations and aim to meet them. Update: I have migrated to self-hosted WordPress and did a design overhaul since writing this post…so the details in this tip apply to my former site. Just so ya know!

Focus on keywords that are the most common which means using words that people are most likely to use as queries on search engine sites. By using the most commonly searched keywords, you can help boost your page ranking significantly over time. This means having more visitors and better results when it comes to your sales. So many new bloggers fall into the trap of imitating a successful blogger. Let your guard down, be vulnerable, and just be yourself. Borders help to clean up your design and to visually separate different sections. Use 1-pixel borders because they’re clean and crisp. And I will definitely check out your video soon – its midnight in Calgary already!

You can definitely sell ad space on your self-hosted WordPress blog – many people are doing it. You can try for finding advertisers. Create a social sharing checklist. Here’s how. Engage your audience on your favorite social platforms. Don’t try to be everywhere. The first one is to divide up ideas. Use shorter paragraphs and only discuss one or two ideas per paragraph. Then give it a hard enter and start in on the next idea.

The conclusion? Build a site around a niche that you have a burn desire for (ex. Harry Potter’s Passive income Plan) a niche that comes to you as an idea, invent something no one else has and stop duplicating the same gurus” methods over and over again. All the blogging tips are awesome and effective too. Making a blog is not enough to get what you want from it. Most of the people leave blogging just before something amazing is going to happen. I agree, social media and email can be a real distraction. time management is the key.

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