September 30, 2023


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5 P.E.I. Blogs To Read Now

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Blogger TipsAccording to the National Health Survey, a survey conducted every six years, obesity rates have nearly doubled in Singapore, from 6.9 per cent in 2004 to 10.8 per cent in 2010.

When I was designing Vestro Blogger Template I created an ajax based featured post widget, I liked How it worked without affecting the performance of the theme. So, Today I’m going to publish a sitemap widget for blogger based on ajax. Another basic blogging technique that people miss out on is hyperlinking keyword phrases in their post back to sales pages of products they sell. If your goal is to create financial freedom and make money with your blog the article itself is an excellent place to do that. Thanks for writing the tips above. As a newbie this article is very useful for me.

Define your blog’s purpose. Decide who you want to help to achieve what. On my blog, for instance, I teach small business owners to create persuasive content so they can win business. Email all your friends, blogging buddies, relatives about the launch of your new blog. Tell them, what you are going to blog about and ask them to subscribe to your email updates. These tips are simple, but can be effective if you ever hit a brick wall when trying to start your blog post of the day.

Excellent article for anyone who wants to start blogging. I love all the monetization suggestions you have. I appreciated that your tips are for beginners but provide value for seasoned bloggers as well. Take lots of pictures for your blog? Write down your settings for those frequently-taken shots. You can even write down the time of day that works best and which rooms in your house has the best light. As a professional travel blogger, you are responsible for everything — while also dealing with the stress & challenges of traveling to foreign countries. So when you start earning income, hire others to help you run your business. His latest month-long trial was attended by officials from the United Nations Human Rights Council and the European Union, and was closely watched by rights groups.

I have a lot celebrity pictures in my site, so second thing is when you add pictures to your website you should always give them ALT” tag so search engines would know that does your pictures describe. Simply creating great infographics and publishing on your blog won’t do it either; you have to reach out to get it published in major sites like SocialMediaToday, Inc, Forbes or Entrepreneur to get recognition and build your own blogs readership,” Muru said. Really, there are so many ways to increase traffic to a website or blog Social media, email list, guest posting, videos, content marketing , blog commenting, email outreach and the list goes on and on and on. I’m so new to blogging and have so much to learn. I feel like such a moron, at times. Thanks again.

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