September 30, 2023


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5 P.E.I. Blogs To Read Now

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Blogger TipsThe fastest way to start earning money with google adsense is with a blog. You can go to and setup a free blog right now in only 5 minutes. The thing is though, even though you have your own space to share ideas, you will have to find a way to drive a ton of traffic to your website.

Google like sites that post on a regular basis, so set up a schedule where you have new, fresh content for your site on a daily or weekly basis. Be sure to post on the same day or days each week which will help improve your overall ranking. Absolutely agree with you Gary. Be Unique, be yourself – I often find it easier when I sit down to blog to think about writing for one person.

The best way to build audience across these platforms is to conquer one after the other. Once you start getting more comments and shares on your Facebook posts, move on to Twitter and connect with the influencers. Once you conquer Twitter, you can move on to the other. Now, you get the idea! Schedule allows you to publish your content at a later date. It can come in handy if you don’t want to share multiple articles at the same time. Readers will be diversified then you can not convince them reading the same style and same topics for all the times they visit your blog. Refresh you mind and write whatever you like. You can get more readers as usual. I think what you mean is affects 😉 Good spelling is also part of being a good blogger.

This is one of the most affordable options out there. Its monthly cost ranges from $5 to $20. Here, you will share a server with other websites. Let’s look into the advantages of it. This one is a no-brainer. Seek out input from those who know your readers best. Your readers! Occasionally (or frequently) ask them for topic suggestions. At the very least, make it easy for them to contact you with any questions if they already want to do so. So, that’s what I created for you. Here are 58 things you need to do, along with some links to help you learn how to do them well.

My answer to you as to how to overcome the voice in your head is to choose someone specific to talk to when you write. Your husband. Your daughter. Write that letter to a friend. And just by envisioning a face on the other end, it will help you overcome that hurdle of an imaginary or nonexistent audience. That was an excellent article I’ve noticed over the years that advertising on my blog wasn’t the most profitable. You can still make money but it would be wise not to put all your eggs in one basket. Magazines do it. Book publishers do it. Photographers do it. Hell, even non-profit organizations have an advertising/marketing budget. Of course if you’re just starting, you may not have the money now, but keep it in mind for the future. Targeted advertising exists for a reason — it works. Great information for a new blogger like me…have to put in lot of hard work. Thanks for sharing.

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