September 26, 2023


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8 Tips & Tricks To Help You Style Your Instagram Photos Like A Blogger

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Blogger TipsGenerate new blog post ideas. Write weekly content. Promote posts via social media and email.

The first thing you have to think before starting your blogging activities is that to decide it purpose. As I’ve mentioned, beside of the opinion sharing purpose, blog also makes it possible for you to support your business by promoting your products on it. Though it seems a simple matter, defining the purpose has also play a big role for your blog existence in the future. Knowing basic purpose would ease you to specify the goal you want to achieve in next few years with it.

A tip I picked up from Rachel Meeks’s popular e-book Simple Blogging (unfortunately, no longer in print) is to write your first draft without hitting the Delete key. Just keep forging ahead in your blog post, knowing that you’ll be revisiting it to clean things up and make things sound great later. This way, all your writing time is productive time, and you won’t experience writer’s block when you’re just getting warmed up.

Blog posts have to pack a lot of meaning into a very small space. When readers come across content-heavy posts, with long, complex paragraphs or blogs with tip lists resembling a grocery-list of 20+ points , they probably won’t take the time to read the article. And although it might be tempting to use elaborate and complex words to fill up an article, it’s best to stick to normal, everyday vocabulary and avoid wordy expressions as much as possible. Readers will appreciate that you didn’t pull out a thesaurus to try and get your message across.

Perhaps the most important and most underrated piece of advice – saved for anyone who made it this far in the list. The primary way you can doubt yourself and your work is to compare it to others – but as soon as you stop focusing on what others are doing (and being concerned that what they’re doing is better) and start focusing on YOUR work, is the exact same moment you will see yourself starting to succeed beyond belief.

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