September 26, 2023


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9 Tips To Help You Become The Ultimate Food Blogger

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Blogger TipsDespite what our Instagram feeds may tell us, no one wakes up feeling like a fitness model every single day. Since our bodies are constantly changing, this means that we all have days when we aren’t feeling our best, days when it’s tough for us to feel confident in our own skin. Even fitness blogger Tiffany Brien has experienced such days – especially when bloating gets involved.

Thanks for this post, there are a lot of pages that you named that I’m going to have a good look at, and although this is the first time that I visit your page I think I’ll come around soon! Nice stuff. Congrats! Hi Jess! I am a little bit confused on the actual action i need to take. Do I go to the wordpress website to set up my blog? Or do I go to the Ipage website? Thank you!

What you really need is a checklist of sorts ‘ an itemized breakdown of everything you need to do to transform your blog and dazzle your readers. That way, you can stop trying to handle everything all at once and just go through it one step at a time. Wow! Excellent tips. I really like the point you made about celebrating your wins and that you don’t need to post everyday. I’m learning with me my strengths with my blog tend to be with interviews. You have given me so much food for thought. I definitely have to make a lot of changes on my blog. For more reading, I’ve put together 3 blog posts about designing your blog. Feel free to check them through.

This year I started another blog as I am a Tarot reader for six years now. It is a wonderful way to study the meanings of the cards and integrate them into my life. I post daily on this blog as well and base my writing on a daily drawn card, and have started my own online and face to face Tarot Reading business. Very informative! I’m totally stoked to get started! Thank you so much for making it so simple. Hey! This video may have privacy restrictions. Ensure that it is publicly visible to everyone.

Brian Jackson’s blog grew in a unique way. He started out with personal branding on and eventually migrated it over to the brand as it is now. Staying active on social media is important if you want to earn your living from blogging. But it can be a huge time suck too. My advice is to be efficient with social media, don’t waste hours and hours there. Ha ha, and I take the bright and bubbly” comment as a great compliment. I can be a little hyper” sometimes. Here’s video evidence. The most important tip, if I would pick one, would be your #1. Do Blogging with Passion and Patience. I believe that people won’t last a long time if they don’t have passion for what the write about. That’s the #1 tip for newbie bloggers. If you’ve never checked out Hello Bar, I encourage you to do so. I use it on my blog and it seems to be working well.

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