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A guide to buying a good solar air cooler

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The tropical climate is synonymous with fairly hot air temperatures. Moreover, the issue of global...

The tropical climate is synonymous with fairly hot air temperatures. Moreover, the issue of global warming is increasing by the day. The heat in the house or room is increasingly felt. If only there was a water cooler in the house surely the air temperature dropped a few degrees cooler. And the whole family will be more comfortable.

What is an air cooler? And what’s a type of air cooler that you like?

Air conditioning is a cheap and
efficient tool to cool the hot air in the room. It works well in dry, but
ineffective tropical areas for humid (sub-tropical) areas.

Although air conditioners have slowly
replaced this tool, it is still preferred because in some ways using an air
cooler is more profitable.

How the air cooler works

An air cooler is a box-shaped unit
containing a fan, a water/ice place, and a pump. The way the air cooler works
is quite simple. First water or ice cubes are put in the cooling box, then the
air in the room is sucked and piped through the place of cold water or ice.
Next, the cold air is exhaled back into the room, Quite simple.

Advantages and disadvantages of air conditioning/air cooler

The advantages and disadvantages here
are mainly intended if this tool is compared or compared with air conditioning.
Of course, air cooler technology isn’t as sophisticated as air conditioning,
but it’s also not as simple as a fan.

Here are the advantages of this air conditioning device:

  • Cheap price. When compared to air conditioning, the price of air cooler andsolar air cooler is much cheaper,
    operating cost, and maintenance are also lower.
  • Save energy. The electricity required by the air cooler is only about 1/10th of
    what is needed for air conditioning, thus saving you monthly electricity bills.
    Air conditioners can also work on low voltage electricity.
  • Eco-friendly. This air conditioner is relatively safe and does not cause harm to
    the environment.
  • Portability. To install air conditioning we need to lock or hole the wall. While
    the air conditioner air cooler just put in the room, as well as easy to


And here are the disadvantages of air cooler:

  • The air cooler is less suitable
    for sub-tropical (humid) climates. Too much moisture in the outside air makes
    his performance inefficient.
  • This tool is not suitable for
    people suffering from asthma and other respiratory problems.
  • Requires constant maintenance
    to operate efficiently.
  • Must routinely supply ice water
    to cool the air.
  • Can’t control air temperature

And below is a quick guide to choosing
and buying a good air cooler for home.

1. Type of air conditioner

  • The types of air conditioners
    sold on the market are evaporative air conditioners and portable air conditioners.
  • If the room is big then it is
    better to use an evaporative air cooler.
  • This type needs a large amount
    of electricity and space, it also needs more water, but it produces better
  • Usually, this type is placed
    near the window, because it needs air supply from the outside.
  • As for personal use or smaller
    rooms, using a portable air cooler is adequate.
  • Any type of air conditioner you
    choose, be aware of the suitability of the room area and not noisy.

2. Fitur air cooler

Important features that should be in
the air conditioner (the name of the feature may be different from each brand,
but the function is more or less the same) namely:

  • Speed controller: the point is to set the fan speed.
  • Automatic water level
    the point is to control the water level
    automatically so that it can maintain the specified water level and prevent
  • Automatic shutoff dampers: it is useful to open/close the flap if the fan is on / off, so that
    cold air is not wasted.
  • Remote control: To raise and reduce the temperature
  • Timer: the point is so that we can set when the time is OFF on the tool.

3. Air conditioning size

If the room that needs to be cooled is
spacious, then choose a large air cooler. For smaller rooms choose one that is
also small in size.

In addition to the room area factor,
also consider the height of the room when choosing this tool.

4. Brend

The latter is a brand. Choose always a
brand of air cooler that is quite well known as well as a wide network. So if
you need improvement, find spare parts easily.

Some of the famous air cooler brands
sold on the market are Vankool. The price of air coolers from vankool is
relatively cheap. You can also see these video

How to use the correct air cooler

Using the air cooler indiscriminately
will only harm yourself and make it quickly damaged

For the air conditioner, you have to
be durable and beneficial for the family then it must be used properly and appropriately.

The methods are as follows:

  • #1. Keep away from
    electronics or metal.

Electronic goods such as computers and
radios are prone to damage because the air becomes humid. Similarly, metal
objects will easily rust. Put and use the air cooler in the corner of the room
away from household electronics.

  • #2. Do not use it directly

The air cooler can only be used as
long as the water tank is still there water or ice cubes. If it is empty then
the usage should be stopped, as it will make it quickly damaged.

  • #3. Use in a room with good
    air circulation.

Do not use in an enclosed room, as it
will make the room more humid and it is not good for health.

  • #4. Clean regularly.

The device should be cleaned at least
once a month especially a filter part, as well as other parts where the dust is

  • #5. Don’t be directed to the

This one is going to damage to
wellness, not damage the air conditioning unit.

  • #6. Use as per room area

Most effective if the air cooler is
used according to the recommended room size. If it exceeds then the effect of
the temperature drop is not so pronounced.

Caring for and cleaning the air cooler

To clean the air cooler the way is
quite simple and the user does not need specific skills.

The parts to note are water tanks and
filters (both plastic filters and paper filters that resemble

For a water tank simply wash clean and
dry. While the filter part is sprayed with medium pressurized water until dust
and dirt fall out all.

Dust attached to the outside can be
sucked with a vacuum cleaner or dusted with a semi-wet cloth and dried. If the
dust is too much and goes inside then it should be dismantled.

Air conditioners that are never
treated or cleaned will put health at risk.

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