March 26, 2023


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Beauty Vlogger Nikkie Tutorials Hilariously Reacts To Her First YouTube Video Ever As She Recreates

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Blogger TipsWell, some of you may have been waiting for my second part of the WordPress vs Blogger review. But, I was sidetracked by a much more ambitious project – merging the dynamic Bootstrap web framework with Blogger. I knew initially that this would be quite a challenge to get it right – and was I correct in that assumption.

Permalink is an option that allows you to select the way your post will be linked to in the future. Usually it will maintain the title structure, but there are other link types you can choose from as well. Why? Email is a much more personal experience. It also performs better than most social media at driving quality traffic to your site. While someone might receive thousands of social media updates in their feed each day, they may see less than 50 emails a day. Anyway, thanks. I appreciate your focus – and it’s helping me be a better blogger and mom.

Great tips. This one’s a keeper. I’m definitely lovin’ Bloglovin, and I never have been in the habit of checking social media more than once or twice a day. My downfall is email. I’ll be working on that one. There is a lot of good content to go through, so it is a good idea to bookmark this page so you can come back to it later and go over the content at your own pace.

I know it takes time to build from the beginning but I am always afraid of doing it wrong or not building it in a right way. As I met one travel blogger in my travelling trip, she has been doing her blog over 5 years but still not really successful. And she has a huge social media following (about one million) with fans including Hollywood celebrity Ashton Kutcher. If you’re not a designer or coder, I don’t expect you to implement these tips right away.

Not only you will find like minded people to connect but events will also help you grow your online business. Instead of feeling overwhelmed by these numbers, you should know that you can successfully compete by following a few time-tested strategies. And the goal of this article is to share 3 tips that will help you overcome the odds and don’t become part of the sad statistic!

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