June 8, 2023


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Beauty Vlogger Nikkie Tutorials Hilariously Reacts To Her First YouTube Video Ever As She Recreates

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Blogger TipsLooking to take your blog to the next level? These 10 apps are where your journey begins. Whether you’re new to the game or looking to refine your approach, these apps will give you the boost you need to get the job done.

Commenting on other blogs was one of the things I learned early on and I found it did generate some traffic! I’ve also really enjoyed the blogging community, not only in the virtual sense, but in real life as well! You can get connected to other local bloggers (through online lists or through twitter) it’s a fun way to meet people. I also went to my first Blogging conference this summer, and learned SO MUCH! Check out They just added a Directory and you may be able to find some other fun blogs to follow there. Oh, and there’s a Central Florida Lady Blogger’s facebook page. Check that out too:-) Keep up the awesome site!

Women love to mess with their hair color, even though a home application may not come out anything like the lovely model on the box. Now what? Having once experienced a disaster when I decided to put a few subtle streaks in my hair, I certainly wish beauty blogs had been around then! Obviously, I did something wrong, because the streaks turned a very unattractive shade of green! I ended up making an immediate trip to the salon. The best they could do was to cover it with a rinse. The resulting color was an all-over bluish gray, which I had to live with for quite some time. Hair color technology wasn’t then as advanced as it is today, but if I’d been able to investigate the pitfalls and proper techniques of streaking hair by clicking through to a good beauty blog before rashly proceeding on my own, I would have saved myself many tears and much money.

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Several of my writing coach clients are bloggers, so I’ve sent them to the Problogger podcast and they’re listening each day. Every one of them has come back to me and said the challenges are great and they’re learning a lot. It’s been several years since I first followed the 31 Days project with Darren, and I, too, am enjoying going through each challenge now that my website has a new focus. Darren presents in a winsome tone at an easy pace, making the podcast is a pleasant way to gain inspiration and ideas.

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