March 26, 2023


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Blogger TipsAs a parent, you make so many sacrifices for your children. And you really want the best for them.

Hey, have you read The Checklist Manifesto by Atul Gawande? I would recommend it highly if you haven’t already. The insights from the medical and aviation world are fascinating. I started when it was just called updating a website;” so there wasn’t any pressure on a newbie. I think that’s something people need to get…’s just updating a website, it’s not a race, and it’s your very own space. Make it your own. From a design standpoint, subheads break up the content but they also make it scannable and easier to consume. Now, starting a blog is easy but in order to be able to successfully monetize the blog, you need to establish the blog. In this guide, I have also covered the topics that help you establish your blog so you can monetize it. Really good read, some great no nonsense tips! Still early days for me so will try to keep these in mind.

But when your niche is too wide, it’d be difficult to compress your ideas to suit the target audience. Thank you Jan for this awesome list post. Should you hire a professional writer to blog for your organization? Many online entrepreneurs do. On the long term this is a good investment: you’ll have time to take care of other aspects of your business. A good publishing strategy will help your organization build a professional reputation that will attract more and more clients.

Love: Your social life will be more active than in the previous year, especially for those who are still single. Those who are attached will need to be more mindful and sensitive to the feelings of their loved ones. Career & Wealth: Work and business for the Dragons will have high and low moments. Choose to work independently while assisting your co-workers when they need your help. While work and business may be challenging, the upside is that this is likely to be good financial year for the Dragons. In Asians, a BMI of more than 27.5 is considered obese. In Western countries, a person is defined as obese if he or she has a BMI of more than 30.

Over time, your commitment to gorgeous visuals will pay off. Your blog will become known as a dependable source for quality and originality, which will have a positive impact on your blog’s overall conversion goals. This is very helpful. I have a question.. I’ve had a family blog on Blogger for years.. if I switch to there any way to convert the data? Or is there any other idea to capture the original data. I’m worried now since it’s not a custom self-hosted blog. Thanks!!

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