December 8, 2023


Simple Business From Your Home

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Blogger TipsBut if you take your blog seriously and you want it to visually stand out, the first step is understanding the principles of design. Once you understand what makes a good blog design, you can work on it yourself or find and qualify a talented designer.

It’s an extremely simple proposition. Yet, it has changed my writing completely. If I put myself into a reader’s head going through a post and seeing whether someone will say Oh, this is interesting, John will really like this”, then I go ahead and publish it. It’s almost like an invisible threshold to pass. I need to improve the post until this level is reached. I will iterate, find more research, get more examples, until I can truly imagine this happening.

Travel Tips Shoes… there’s a thin layer of ice at the entrance and down the pathway to the waterfall. I saw so many people fall. And it didn’t matter what shoes they had on. Walking with flat boots? Kissed the ground. Walking with snow boots? Bear-hugged the snow. It just didn’t matter. Please be very careful at Seljalandsfoss. Walk very slow and deliberate. Boots with treads are not a bad idea either. Also, there’s a cave behind the waterfall. It was too cold and the ground was so wet that we decided not to go back there. I wished the conditions were better, because I’d love to explore that cave.

I think I did a little link” overkill in my beginning tutorials (providing hyperlinks on every single supply I used for a project, when folks could have easily googled them). But if you mention other bloggers or smaller businesses that have been great resources for you, I think hyperlinks are always polite. Not only may they help your reader, but the company you link to may even notice traffic coming from your blog. You might get a thanks, and who knows, it could inspire a collaboration someday!

BLAIR STAKY: I started my first blog in college in 2009 as part of a class project, then picked it up again after I graduated. It was just a hobby for years and, in 2012, I decided if I wanted it to become anything more than hobby, I better start taking it more seriously. I had just moved to Chicago, was working for myself as a WordPress designer at my blog design company, Leap. My blog was a great way to connect with potential clients and advertise my business, while also exploring my other passions — one being photography, which has come a long way since the beginning. And really, I’ve always been a bit of techy nerd. In the past year, a lot has changed. I officially closed my design business, making my blog, The Fox & She , my main source of income. It was a terrifying step, but has proven to be the right one.

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