December 2, 2023


Simple Business From Your Home


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Blogger TipsA war of words has erupted on social media over a difference in opinion among popular mummy bloggers and their loyal followers.

I agree with you. We must have our plan ready. How our blog will make the difference and how it will generate revenue. All of these websites get tons of traffic to their website on a daily basis and you can benefit from the traffic that they’re getting. You get traffic in 2 ways from the article directories. The first way is via the search engines. A user will type a query in the search engine and your articles will appear as a result of it. The second technique he uses is to leverage other people’s audiences through guest blog posts, podcasts and live video broadcasts. I’m going to try to take your advice and change my perspective, because you’re right I’d rather only have a few people notice the mistakes I make during the beginning stages of my blog. This is the best type of hosting, feature-wise. But it comes with high costs. Most dedicated servers cost $100 and above per month. Blog Promotion – Try these channels for starters: JustRetweet, CoPromote, and Triberr.

I was camping in Prachuap Kirikan otherwise I would invite you for a coffee and to introduce you to some new Thai friends. If you focus on the CRUX of blogging , that is, content+relationships+user experience, you’ll definitely see a surge in your blog readership. As a writer, it’s vital that you talk to other people about your writing anyway. So why not use them to make your writing better? Engage in conversations with other writers and ask them for feedback, offering them feedback of your own on their writing. Always. Not cool: reposting recipes verbatim, posting other bloggers’ photos without permission. Cool: original recipes, sharing links to your inspiration, linking to further resources on the subject at hand.

Every once in a while it’s nice to change up your blog’s layout to keep things fresh. This can mean completely reformatting the whole thing, or just making little tweaks here and there. Here are ten blog layout tips to help you freshen up your little corner of the internet. Also, do you (or did you) use or ? Although I’m not even really sure what the difference is. I’m about to start a blog but I’m not sure what platform to use.. I want the freedom to customize everything myself but I’m not too savvy when it comes to encoding and web design and all that jazz! Great post, it’s certainly true that you need to wear many hats as a travel blogger. Hello Bar uses light blue, various shades of black/grey, and a bright orange to draw your attention.

On the other hand, if you wait until you get a certain amount of traffic and then monetize, you may fail to grab the attention of right people. When your posts lack personality, you become a me-too blogger. You become easily interchangeable with any other blogger in your field. I also follow this very influential fitness figure on Instagram – Kayla Itsines I know there are plenty of these female fitness enthusiasts across the social media platforms but I find Kayla very real and relatable and her posts are very inspiring as well. I usually go to her page for my dose of inspiration. Definitely a must read for blogging beginners. This list was very helpful to me. Interesting to hear that you started your blog before you left – maybe we’re not crazy after all!

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