November 30, 2022


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Blogging Advice For Newbies

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Well, some of you may have been waiting for my second part of the WordPress...

Blogger TipsWell, some of you may have been waiting for my second part of the WordPress vs Blogger review. But, I was sidetracked by a much more ambitious project – merging the dynamic Bootstrap web framework with Blogger. I knew initially that this would be quite a challenge to get it right – and was I correct in that assumption.

I came to your blog through Pinterest ( my online addiction ) 🙂 I’m loving all your great tips on blogging. I don’t currently have a blog but am in the process of researching as much as possible before going public” my husband and I will be blogging together, he is the more technical guy and I’m the designer gal. Our blog will be geared around a new direction we are taking in life. We are selling everything we own and moving onto a 40-45′ catamaran to sail the world with our 8yr old son. Stay tuned for the actual blog!

Your post needs to have a title. Towards the top of the Blogger editor you will see that there is a Post title box. Add in the desired post title there. This shouldn’t eat up a lot of your time, just try to come up with a post title that is enticing, very easy to use and a delight to read for your audience. A catchy title can be great. Don’t opt for the clickbait title that you can see nowadays, make your title feel informative and fun to read as that’s what you want. If you want to write a first post, you need to make it introductory. Write about the goals you have, the type of content you want to add and so on. It will not be easy to write down the first words, but if you create a good title it will be easier for you to translate thoughts into words!

Oh man – this was a real encouragement! I’m FOUR months in, so it’s nice to know that I’m past the discouraging 1-3 month mark! 🙂 haha! The absolute best thing that I DID do was read ProBlogger by Darren Rowse – I even was able to borrow it from the online library in ebook form so I didn’t have to buy it! It taught me SOOOOO much and I was able to miss some of the common big” errors because I had been prewarned! An ounce of prevention….

If you purchase your own domain then you have to buy hosting services. Again – there are many companies that offer these services. Go Daddy , HostGator , FatCow (included that one because I think the name is hysterical!) and bluehost are just a few. I’ve heard good things about them all. You pay a monthly or yearly fee for them to ‘store’ your site on their servers. You may want to sign up for emails from some of the companies because it seems like they are constantly sending out special discounts and deals and you want to get the best price. You can also check out WebHostingSearch – they do all of the work and compare the different options for you. Definitely worth a look!

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