September 30, 2023


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Blogging For Beginners

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Blogger TipsSo you want to blog better? To be honest, it’s kind of an oxymoron that you’re here. After all, you’re procrastinating… right? But don’t go anywhere just yet! Let’s make a deal. Once you’ve read these 29 tips to increase your productivity as a blogger, you’re going to switch into blogger mode and get on with it. If you were looking for a sign, this is it. Read it, share it, bookmark, do whatever you have to do to get your head in the game…. and then go it all to use. Deal? Deal.

Thanks for this great post. I have just finished setting up my blog last week and have also gone live. Your step-by-step guide has been very helpful in setting up the blog. Now the next step is to promote the blog. Any suggestions here. I know there are many things I will need to do to effectively promote my blog, but if I have to take two immediate actions in this direction, what would they be. Thanks again for this great post.

Generally I am very pro watermarking for the exact reasons you stated but in my case I thought it may be helpful to any blogger that comes across this post that if you even for a second are thinking about going self hosted down the line, check to see if your domain name is available right away and register it. And make sure that the blog name that you choose is one that can grow with you b/c your original blog content may change direction down the line and then suddenly 2 years from now you’ll find it doesn’t fit who you are or what topics you’re writing about. Learn from my mistake.

I’ve been devouring your blog. 🙂 Thanks for your great articles. Recently (in the past three months) I’ve been making a lot of changes behind the scenes at my blog. A lot of the changes are thanks to you, but some of them were just things I needed to cut out. My main problem right now is my constant checking of email. So, I’m going to read that article you recommended.

The first thing I noticed was the full editor feature set that was sorely lacking in the Google tool. I mentioned in my previous article that the smaller font size in the Google editor was driving my eyes crazy and made it mostly unusable for an iPad Mini (a larger iPad would probably be ok). Well, right away I altered this post’s font size and now have a very comfortable screen to view and type on. I really like that the editor also fills the entire window with a very clean look.

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