September 30, 2023


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Blogging Success

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Blogger TipsToday, bloggers are told that there’s one golden rule to blogging success: find a niche and dominate it.

One way that requires very little effort to increase a blog’s readership is to use the WordPress plugin Revive Old Post Not only does it pepper your social media stream with useful content that will attract new readers, but it also shines light on older content that you might not be actively promoting. Just set it up and forget about it! It’s consistently one of my biggest referrer of traffic to my blog.

In non commercial blogs it can further break down into 2 different types of blogs. The first one is blogging for leisure, which means you only blog for the purpose like a personnel online diary. The second type of blog would be business blogs. Business blogs are like blogs like mine where I write this blog and update it regularly to make a living out of it.

If what happened was not considered a serious violation, then you should be able to get your account up and running within 24 to 48 hours depending on the circumstances. It pays however, to keep all your important data and information outside of your Google accounts in case of getting a Gmail account disabled result. By protecting yourself, the impact will be easier to handle until you can get your account back online.

The longer your blog has been around, the more labels to describe your content you have probably created. Think about dividing all of your content into main categories by combing through all of the subcategories to streamline everything. This will make labeling less of a headache for you in the future, and your readers will be able to find the posts they’re looking for, no problem.

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