December 8, 2023


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Blogging Tips

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Blogger TipsI wanted to write an article that goes beyond the basic tips, tricks and techniques for proper growth of fruits and vegetables. I wanted to share some ideas that can help fellow vegetable gardeners take their love of the hobby to earn a little extra cash which could go a long way to pay for much needed supplies.

Managed – This type is ideal for people who don’t have the time or skills to manage a VPS server. The technical personnel of the hosting company will take care of your requests and maintain the server for you. With this option, you’ll enjoy guaranteed website availability and secure data infrastructure. The speed of managed VPS hosting services is also notable.

Great tips Matt! My background is a bit different as I am a Marine Biologist – I work 8 months and travel 4 months (in between projects) during the year. I started driving around the world in my Jeep a year ago, a world tour that I call The Voyage of Discovery.” Your adventure blog really pulled me in when I stumbled upon it, and has given me a lot of solid advice on how to improve my blog (thank you for that). I am currently working in Colombia offshore researching whales and dolphins, and during my off time, I find myself skimming through a great portion of your content that you have posted over the years.

To get targeted visitors to your blog, you have a number of options. The first is article marketing. You can use article marketing to drive hordes of visitors to your blog and these targeted visitors will increase your adsense income. One thing about article marketing is that you will have to create new content for your website – and new content for your blog. You will have to decide which one is more important and which one you will want to focus all of your energy on.

Quin, I’m deeee-lighted to hear that my tips were helpful and encouraging for you! It felt like just yesterday I was just starting this whole blogging process, too, and I remember feeling very overwhelmed, intimidated, and very grateful for those who had shared their tips and tricks with me; so it’s encouraging to know I could pay it forward to you!

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