December 4, 2023


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Earning Money With Google Adsense And Blogger

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Blogger TipsThere are hundreds of companies that offers different web hosting services and choosing the best web hosting based on your need is the critical task for your online business.

In addition to posting articles, you should also comment regularly on articles posted on other sites. You will need to set up a schedule so that you can comment on a consistent basis on posts that are in your niche or industry. The more you post, the more active you are in the community which means that more your site will grow in status. While most sites today have Disqus installed which means that a link to your site is automatically posted, others still use the Do-Follow which means you will need to include the link.

It made me realize that you are like ‘SOS Piet”. Readers from Belgium will realize right off what I mean. Piet Huisentruyt used to be a michelin star chef who had a restaurant in the south of France. He lost his star. Fortunately for him he developed as a TV chef. His block buster show ‘SOS Piet” is where he comes to your house to fix a recipe you are having problems with. It is a interesting show because usually what is wrong is not the recipe per se but the basic ‘nuts and bolts’ cooking knowledge which most recipe books don’t tell you about. He is now the most famous and most wealthy chef in Belgium. Like Piet both in your blog and in your Guest Blogging course you have a genius for illuminating ‘nuts and bolts’ stuff that few others talk about.

It can be a frustrating experience when you find your Gmail account is no longer active. Having your Gmail account disabled means losing access to the products by Google that were linked. There are several reasons why your account may have been ended that are mostly due to the Terms of Service policies by Google itself. So, if you have violated one more of the polices either intentionally or not, you can find yourself with a disabled Gmail account.

Bloggers who write about specific topics will find that it is feasible to lend space for advertisements on their site. For instance, you may be a blogger who writes about sunglasses. If you allow ads for eye-related products it becomes a way to make money from your blog. Your efforts have only to be directed towards keep it high on the search engine’s listing. Write about your advertiser’s products to persuade your readers click the links to view them.

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