September 26, 2023


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Five Blogging Tips For The Non

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Blogger TipsI could not afford the rental property I purchased when I was making more money and was advised to short sell the property, after I short sold the property I received a 1099 from the lender and had to include the amount I was forgiven as income on my 2008 tax return and because of my decrease in income, could not pay the taxes and now I owe income taxes. Help.

Considering the deeper-toned circles are significantly darker than Jetarian’s skin tone (she recommends going two to three shades darker than your original foundation), it’s easy to be skeptical that it would appear unnatural when blended. However, according to Jetarian, the technique works like a charm. She claims that the darker shade adds an undertone to the makeup so that your face doesn’t appear washed out, and that the lighter foundation works as a base to brighten your overall look. Unconventional? Maybe, but the results speak for themselves. So, certainly don’t write this one off as a trick too weird to try.

I recently hit my 5 year anniversary at my current job it got me thinking about what I actually want to be doing with my life. I’ve flirted with the idea of starting a blog for a few years, but it’s scary! You mentioned that not only is blogging a great way to communicate, it can also help you to become a better person and a better writer. I love a good opportunity to better myself, and I think I might have to give it a try!

Great tips Brooke! Maybe a little strange, but I am most productive in the evening when it’s dark out and everyone’s sleeping – no distractions. At the moment I’m in Brazil for 5 weeks and it’s hard to find the time to blog, because I’m out exploring and doing things all the time. But that’s why I’m happy I scheduled posts before I left.. Best way to keep your blog going!

A lot of us are most comfortable getting the syllabus at the beginning of the course, reading the chapter titles at the beginning of the book or getting the review sheet before we take the test. We like to know what to expect. We like to know how to prepare. We like to know what’s expected of us. Blogging is different. Be willing to chart your own course.

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