September 30, 2023


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How To Start A Blog On WordPress

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JK: I’m basically technology and WordPress illiterate, but luckily, Blair is an absolute genius in that area. She’s also in charge of our brand visually, where I take the lead on the brand copy-wise and focus on the inner workings of our email list. We trade off writing our weekly blog posts and emails every other week, and work together to brainstorm new topics and how to make the site better.

Generalized content works but it won’t really deliver good results for your audience. If you want to get the best results, we recommend you to find a niche as fast as possible. Not only does a niche help you target specific users, but it will also help you become an authority on that topic. We recommend you to research a niche and become an expert on it. This is the best way to create a large audience for a niche and from here to reaching success in blogging will be just a small step.

This point is more important than most of us will car to recognise. It’s no secret that we are more productive first thing in the morning – as soon as we have woken up and have no thoughts/dramas on the brain. BEFORE you check your emails or social media, consider doing your most important work – whether it be writing a post or a chapter for a book… whatever is most important and requires your complete concentration should always be done at the start of the day.

I needed this encouragement! And I’m glad I’m not alone! I used to think I was pretty computer savvy until I started my blog! It makes my brain hurt… I have very unrealistic expectations I realized. I think it comes from the fact that I’ve been reading blogs for so many years and know what I want my blog to look like and be but I’m like a 5 year old sitting down to a piano for the first time and wanting to play Fur Elise and being frustrated that I can’t… Wow, run on sentence and babbling. I’m awesome. Anyway, thanks for all your work in explaining bloggy stuff so people like me can understand it! And for all your encouragement and cheerleading us newbies on!

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