December 4, 2023


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InterClean Awarded 3 Year Contract with NCPA for Vehicle Wash Systems

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(Ypsilanti, MI) InterClean Equipment, LLC is proud to announce they have recently been awarded a three-year contract in the area of water recycling and large vehicle cleaning applications. The company, which is known for building wash systems for vehicles, is now on contract with NCPA (National Cooperative Purchasing Alliance) to provide these services.

“Our company offers services for a wide array of vehicles, which range from trains and buses to trucks and even 440-ton mining haul trucks,” stated InterClean representative Phil Luurtsema. “We hire staff to ensure provide experienced and knowledgeable services to handle the most difficult washing applications in the most demanding environments, which is one of the factors that helped us win this new, exciting contract.”

The company is dedicated to working closely with all clients serviced to create wash system solutions that exceed expectations. The company uses the engineering expertise of its staff to fully understand the intricacies of every application. This ensures the right wash solution is developed for each project.

“We work hard to ensure we fully understand our customers and their specific needs,” Luurtsema continued. “As a result, we have the unique ability and skill to offer the best vehicle wash solution possible. It is this dedication to client satisfaction and proven effectiveness that has helped us continue to grow, to now have a three-year contract providing our services.”

Some of the factors that allowed to be awarded this contract over others in the field include the lower operating costs and lower cost per wash. Additionally, the systems use a process that has a minimal impact on the environment, which is appealing to large companies looking for ways to reduce their carbon footprint. With a full support and service network in place, clients using InterClean services can feel confident they will receive the best technical support and customer service provided in the industry.


Originally established in 1984, InterClean Equipment is a technology, innovation and engineering leader in the industry of cleaning large vehicles and water recycling services. The company designs and builds innovative wash systems for all types and sizes of vehicles. The staff has the experience and knowledge to handle even the most difficult washing applications in the most challenging environments. The company is dedicated to working closely with each client serviced to provide a custom wash solution that exceeds expectations. By understanding a customer’s needs, the company is able to provide superior services.

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