September 26, 2023


Simple Business From Your Home

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Blogger TipsWhy should you start just a blog when you can create a blog and profit from it? Simple question, isn’t it? And yet one that so many fail to answer correctly.

Now that your blog is up and running, want some tips for making blogging easier, staying motivated, and increasing your traffic? Check out my page on Tips for New Bloggers” I also share some of my favorite plugins and some ethical tips for new bloggers. There are lots of stock photo sites that offer royalty free images under a creative commons license. Write guest posts for top blogs and showcase the portfolio on your blog’s home page. If people see your guest posts landing on top blogs, they think you have some skills, so they don’t hesitate to read your stuff.

It sounds weird at first because it seems that instead of growing my readership I’m leaking them out. However I think differently because with guest bloggers around, not only I get to meet more people (the guest bloggers themselves), I get free promotions for my blog. When you generously share your advice, potential clients will find your blog and buy your products.

Feedback – Visitors can easily comment on your blog by leaving their feedback through your contact form. This feedback can help you determine which post to do next or what areas to address based on the visitors’ comments. Thank you Jessica for your wonderful article! You make it sound very simple. I am looking forward to setting up a self-hosting blog with iPage. literally a gazillion of blogs out there, and 99{c81abff750b31a745e7406f92aff545fdc30f538cbd79fe2dec0c3b3fca011f6} of them are pure junk. There’s just too much competition going out there online.

Thanks for sharing this valuable and insightful information on blogging. I will be adopting many of these elements into my blog and know it will be better for it. By default – it has ” placed in your root domain folder. If you overwrite it – it’ll disappear and be replaced with the WordPress index file. So basically, you just need to overwrite it. Publishing high-quality content on my blog, so readers keep wanting more and other high profile bloggers to ask me to guest post for their similar topic blog. In the world of printed text, every extra line costs money. We’re no longer in that world anymore. Because of that, we can use the enter key more liberally. As a blogger of three years, I’m always looking to get more information and this was by far one of the best articles I’ve read thus far. THANK YOU BUFFER!!

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