September 30, 2023


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Sewer Line Backup Cleaning Services

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Every home has a plumbing system that comprises of fixtures and piping meant for water supply and water disposal. The plumbing system that’s meant for waste disposal plays a critical role in the sanitation of your residence. Sometimes, however, a traumatic event such as a sewer backup may happen.

A sewer backup occurs when the water that’s meant for disposal is pushed back into your home through the pipes of your sewer system. The water is dirty and has an unpleasant smell. It may also damage your valuable properties and affect your health because of the harmful bacteria it carries. If you have such a situation in Groveland, you need call any toilet backup repair services Groveland FL immediately to have the problem sorted.

What’s the Cause of Sewer Backups?

Sewer backups result from a number of factors. For instance, they could come about due to human activities such as flushing toys, hair, and other large objects down the toilet.They may also result from combined pipelines where raw sewage and stormwater are combined in one pipeline system.Tree roots could also cause sewer backups. How exactly does this occur? This mostly occurs in homes that have mature trees. Some of the tree’s small roots will try to find their way through the cracks in pipes or through service pipe joints. When this occurs, the lines get severely affected, causing backups.Besides tree roots, sewer backups may also occur because of aged sewer systems. As newer lines get connected to the older lines, the risk of sewer backups developing increases.

How to Identify Sewer Backups

You can identify sewer backups in your premises by checking out the toilet. If your toilet gurgles every time you flush it, for instance, you might be dealing with a sewer backup. Another sign of a sewer backup is water percolating slowly through the pipes.You can even tell if the sewer backups result from the main line or a single drain line by checking the toilet on the lowest level of your house. If the toilet flushes well, then the sewer backup is from a single drain line. However, if the toilet gurgles, the backup is on the main line.

Viable Solutions for Sewer Backups

After you establish that your home has sewer backups, there are several things that you can do to resolve the issue. If you’d like to resolve the issue yourself, you will need to remove the cap off the cleanout. The cleanout is a pipe situated outside the house. Once you open it, it will release the pressure from a single drain line, thus allowing some wastewater to escape.This method, however, only works for a single drain line. If you can still see some stagnant water after opening the cleanout, the sewer backup is in the main-line. You should also note that not every house has a cleanout.If yours is such a house, you will need to seek toilet or drain cleaning services near you. This is because plumbers have the expertise to deliver high-quality services such as eliminating sewer backups from your residence.

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