December 8, 2023


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Singapore Court Sends Teen Blogger Back To Jail For Criticizing Religion

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Blogger TipsIn this article I want to give you 5 simple blog tips that can make a real difference to your business.

So just do it: Write out 5 goals for your blog this year and post them nearby where you write. Refer to them often. Doctor Tom Warshawski, director of the Childhood Obesity Foundation, says the government should play an active role in combating the fight against childhood obesity, which affects nearly a third of Canadian children but admits that parents feel they bear the brunt of the responsibility. I still see a lot of people spending most of their time on Facebook to grow their fan page likes or Twitter followers or Google+ circles. You’ll need to come up with a domain name you like and also choose a hosting company that can host your blog.

I agree that it takes time to develop meaningful relationships. You want to put your best foot forward and ask, How may I help?” Adding value and being approachable are important. An added bonus to this is that you can email that blogger and let them know you linked to their post. They may even be willing to link back to your blog, giving you another source of readers. You need to pick an area of expertise and focus on it. Not everyone can blog about burgers, or desserts or bars. Take a look at the current market and find something that is not yet being covered — it will pay off in followers. I think the hardest thing is comparing myself to someone else. I know I’ve chosen a small niche, but it’s still hard to see someone with over 4000 fb followers and not feel like I’ll never get there.

Commit to a publishing schedule. Plan it so that it works for you and for your readers. Don’t overstretch yourself. You don’t have to publish daily. When I’ve written articles that were too long or had too many ideas, they didn’t get much of a reaction. If you dig in to my old posts I have covered lots of articles on starting and monetizing a blog. These are my 25 tips. You probably have 25 of your own. And that’s okay, because I’ve realized that everyone needs to approach blogging in their own way. That’s part of the fun. Feel free to add to this list in the comments. On a related note, make good on all your promises. Whether it’s a promise you made to bring your children to the park, buy them a phone, or get them new clothes, keep your word. A great thing about previewing your post is that you will be able to see how it looks when a reader will access it. This is the right time when you need to check your post for any errors, be it grammar or structural ones.

Here is how to implement a rollover image using CSS. Before getting started, we need to have two images ready, one in its initial/static state as well as its rollover state. She adds that all you need to do is be creative and produce quality content that is helpful to the readers – give value and make the readers valuable. Eventually you can settle into a schedule that might just be a couple of times a week but that will really depend on the theme of your blog and the type of content that you offer.

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