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Tips for Choosing a Data Center Relocation Consulting Expert The need to relocate from one collocation site to the next could be motivated by several factors. Companies do it due to the need to move to cheaper facilities, upgrades to better services, relocation of business headquarters or others. During such activities, there is a need to keep several factors in mind, and the use of a data center relocation consulting expert is one of them. Success in the relocation project is possible if you use a consultant because the expert will even help in the selection of an appropriate site to relocate to. The following guide will help in the selection of an appropriate data center relocation consultant when moving to a new collocation. Topping the list of requirements that a data center relocation consulting specialist should possess include experience. That way, you will be assured that the expert will coin strategies that will save your organization of money and time. A data center relocation consultant will also prevent the occurrence of pitfalls that are common in such exercises. In addition to unforeseen expenses, schedule lapse are some of the other possible consequences. Though you may compromise when giving thought to other considerations, do not do so when it comes to this trait. Ensure that the expert has the right exposure in terms of data center migration of data, relocation, and consolidation. The expertise of the data center consultant requires scrutiny because you can only entrust the job to someone knowledgeable. If the expert overlaps your focus areas, you are very much in luck. The reason is that your budget or industry type may make it necessary to focus on several areas of the facility instead of others.
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Licensing is next when it comes to selecting the best data center relocation consulting expert. You will, for instance, require licensed engineers to stamp the drawings. Functions such as cooling and power will also require engineers if they are to be carried out appropriately. Third-party consultants are, on the other hand, required to carry out a review of the designs to be used. Checks on the qualifications of the expert will help you to tell if an expert is qualified or not.
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Be sure to find out from the data center relocation consulting about price. Many times, the expert will charge between 4 and 7 percent of the overall cost of the exercise. The depth of detail involved and project complexity will influence cost too. If the expert is involved in project discovery, implementation, and design, you may part with 25 percent of the total cost in professional fees. However, if the data center relocation consulting is only required to carry out design or peer review, that figure will come down to just 10 percent. Only hire the expert after asking for references. Most probably, the treatment of the past clients by the consultant will be very much similar to what you will receive too.

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