December 4, 2023


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Blogger TipsLocal fashion and lifestyle bloggers Jess Keys and Blair Staky recently teamed up to create an online community to help bloggers rise to the top. Launched in February, Blogging for Keeps ( ) is a free website that gives aspiring bloggers/writers helpful tools and tricks on how to turn their hobbies into hustles,” says Keys. Resources include a free library of resources to help with brainstorming for blog posts, tips on how to increase online traffic, photo editing tricks and advice on how to successfully use social media to increase exposure. Keys and Staky met two years ago at a Chicago blogging event and have been collaborating on and off since.

However, Xiaxue’s post certainly did bring about some backlash as well, especially in her subsequent post on Instagram. Comments on Xiaxue’s Facebook revealed that some people feel that she shouldn’t be using a picture of her son, Dashiel (or also known as Dash, for short). Also, others felt that she was being too harsh and her actions were uncalled for.

Lack of clearly defined call for action responsible in huge part for the bloggers failure or what is even infinitely worth – too many options. You need to clearly identify what is The One Thing you want you visitors to do and present it in prominent location. Don’t overload your blog with affiliate banners and multiple widgets but clearly present One Action Path you want them to take.

Settle in for the long haul. Building a successful blog is a hard road. You’re not going to see results overnight. Weeks will go by and you’ll hear only crickets. You’ll wonder if it’s worth it. Comments and followers will be few and far between (if there at all). You won’t make a penny for months. Believe me, it’s normal. So normal. Nine out of ten bloggers have been there. I certainly have. Just keep going.

Reputation is what you are trying to build here. The reputation you are building will pretty much lay the line for the success that you will be entitled for. This is a make or break field. If you break it once, you will have a hard time getting yourself back again. If you see yourself very determined on how to be a successful blogger, you must see yourself as a very respectful person. Do not write about anything that will sacrifice your integrity. Write about things that would bring a great sense to your visitors. Though gossips may be highly profitable, this may be the same reason for your downfall so it may be good to consider not going down this line.

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