March 27, 2023


Simple Business From Your Home

Tips To Make Money From Your Home Vegetable Garden

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Blogger TipsBlog sites can be used as a way to direct attention to your business or as a location for placing advertisements. These tips are not likely to work for people who use blogging as a diary writing exercise. A blog site should pertain to a subject to be utilized as a money making method. Here are 3 tips to help you make money from your blog.

Zac’s book about blogging needed to be written. Why? Because there are far to many bad books on the topic out there. Zac is an Internet Marketer turned blogger who used his blog to increase his brand awareness and build his business. In other words, he actually did it, in a BIG way, and frankly I’d rather learn from someone who has done it successfully for so long. Zac nails it all. From how to set up a blog, to how to get traffic to how to make money from it… This is a no-brainer. Zac will tell you what you need to know with no-fluff.

Which section of your blog shows us how to credit other sites (like when you mention the name of a site-you are able to click it also). Is that considered crediting? Can you freely write that you used something like a recipe for example, from another place in order to give credit, or must you write that person first to get permission? I guess I am just interested in making these names, and places, clickable from my blog. I want to do the right thing. Can you advise? So many different people have some of the same ideas.

And if you’re using blog commenting as a strategy for getting new readers, choose 10 (or so) blogs where you feel this is working effectively for you and stick with them. Become an active member of those communities and take the time to leave insightful, helpful or engaging comments. It’s fine to read some blogs just for fun,” but don’t mix this in with your blog’s readership building time. Keep business and personal reading time separate so you can manage your time well.

Research suggests that people view and scan web pages rather than read every last bit of copy. Therefore, try and keep your articles as easy, quick reads. Provide lists wherever possible and break up the text. From an SEO point of view, you want to provide at least 250 words of copy. But it’s also good to stick to this number for your readers — unless of course you’re writing an article such as this one – in which case, add in bullet points or lists because it will hold people’s attention more.

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