September 26, 2023


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Why are looks important for a Manager?

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Every business has several levels of staffs that work together for the success of the organization. Even though the role of everyone is important, some are regarded as management staff. They are often senior employees who have been at the organization for a very long time and/or has the requisite qualification, and hence, are believed to have the requisite knowledge to make key decisions for the organizations.

The Manager of an organization is often one of the most senior staffs in an organization. They are often like a general supervisor that supervises every department in the organization and are responsible for the day to day running of the organizations. They are expected to strategize to make the company progress while also reporting to senior management staffs such as the Directors, Managing Directors, and CEO(s) about progress in the business, challenges, and strategies amongst others. One of the many things that are expected of a manager is for them to look good. Fortunately, there are many ways that an individual can improve their looks even though the females seem to have an edge. This is considering female managers can use makeup products to enhance their face, which male managers do not have the luxury of. However, there are many other ways that male and female managers can improve their look including living healthy lifestyles to have a good body structure and dressing well among others. Here are some of the ways a manager can look good.

He is expected to look good

One of the reasons why a manager should look good is that he is expected that a manager should look good. Some customers would want to relate to the manager of an organization before they patronize the company. When this happens, the managers represent the company. The appearance of the manager will immediately rub off on the statute of the organization. Hence, a good looking manager will further contribute positively to the reputation of a business and will make it easier for customers to patronize the business.

To serve as a good example to staff

As a senior staff to most of the other employees, a good looking manager will serve as an example to the other staffs. Hence, the manager should dress in such a way that they won’t mind their staff dressing exactly that way. Most junior staffs and other staffs whose positions are below that of the manager, often look up to the Manager in many ways, including their appearance. Hence, as a manager, you should always read fashion companies’ reviewssuch as Newchic review to know what new trends are available and which of them you can put on to be a good example to your employees.

To boost his confidence

Another way looking good is important for a manager is that it boosts their confidence. When their confidence is boosted, they will be able to interact regularly with their staffs and give them instructions on what to do. Good looks will also influence how managers approach their subordinates. It will also be easier for the subordinates a good looking manager compared to a manager who dresses shabbily and looks unkempt. Hence, the good looks of a manager can directly influence productivity as their staff will respect them more, look up to them and obey their instructions. Furthermore, it will also be easier for them to give instructions when they are confident about their selves. On the other hand, when a manager always looks shabby and unkempt, he could become a source of gossip for the employees. This will lead to loss of respect among the staff, lack of confidence to give instructions, and the productivity of the business could be negatively affected.

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